Oncology Nursing Certification Points Renewal Option (ONC-PRO)

Attention Candidates Renewing Certification in 2016 or later! The ILNA method will be used for renewal beginning in 2016. ONCC is currently developing an online tool to help you track and submit your ILNA points. As soon as the tool is ready for use, ONCC will notify you and provide instructions explaining how to access and use the tool properly. Until then, keep documentation of ILNA points that you earn, such as CE certificates or grade reports, with your test score report or assessment results so you’ll be able to access the information easily when you need it. Please do not use ONC-PRO logs to record your ILNA points. The ONC-PRO logs were not designed to record the information needed for ILNA, and won’t be acceptable for submission of ILNA points.

Renewal candidates are certified nurses who apply for certification during the calendar year in which their certification expires. All eligibility criteria must be met at the time of application. Nursing experience may be in the areas of nursing administration, clinical practice, education, research, or consultation.

IMPORTANT: OCN®, AOCN®, AOCNS®, AOCNP®, CPON®, CBCN®, and CPHON® certified nurses renewing certification by ONC-PRO must submit a completed application, fee, ONC-PRO summary and ONC-PRO logs by the posted deadline dates. CBCN® and CPHON® certified nurses may create logs at any time; however, renewal by ONC-PRO will be available for CBCN® certified nurses beginning in 2013, and renewal by ONC-PRO will be available for CPHON® certified nurses beginning in 2014.

To qualify for the first deadline fee, you must submit your application and logs on or before the first deadline of September 15 in the year certification is due for renewal. Candidates who submit logs after September 15 through October 15 in the year certification is due for renewal, will be charged the $100 late fee. ONC-PRO applications and logs will not be accepted after the October 15 final deadline.

If you wish to print your summary and logs, please click on the print button. You may print your logs at any time, including logs that have already been submitted. If you submit your logs electronically, please do not mail or fax printed logs to ONCC. After a log has been submitted, it may be viewed or printed; logs may not be edited once they are submitted to ONCC.

Review the renewal eligibility criteria and detailed ONC-PRO information.

ONC-PRO candidates must submit the following materials by the application deadline date:
  • A complete certification application and fee
  • Completed ONC-PRO Summary and Logs
Note: this is a 2-step process. The application and logs are submitted separately. Both must be submitted.
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